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Better Local Capital, is creating innovative approaches in lending to small and minority businesses. Our goal is to make access to capital smarter, fairer and faster with lending that is based on strong cashflow potential balanced with good, business management and leadership.

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At Better Local Capital, we believe the key to success is the strength or our partnership with local stakeholders. We work with Financial Institutions to create tailored opportunities for small and minority businesses, especially those in underserved communities.

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Accessing Affordable Capital.
Minimize Risks.

Improved cashflow planning with better outcomes, by creating specialized products that meet the need of business owners, from short-term contract financing to traditional term loans.

Tailored Lending Solutions

Our experience help us to better understand the needs of small and minority business owners. 


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Our Prequalification process is designed to provide you with a quick response to lenders and products that match your inputs.

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We treat each business owner as an individual, ensuring we understand, your business goals, and capital needs.

Its relationship, not just a service

Our team of dedicated professionals, work closely with each business owner, to ensure a process that is seamless.

Ensuring solutions that are right for you.

We are honest and realistic, ensuring the right choices are presented so decisions are made in the best long-term interest of each business owner.

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All applications start by completing the Intelligent Prequalification process to be matched with Lenders and Products.

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Complete Risk Assessment followed by documentation review and compliance checks.

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Third Step


Final professional review of application to determine award or decline decision, and close out and award.

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