Collab Accelerator

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    Collab Accelerator 

    The Collab Accelerator is an 12-session hybrid program for entrepreneurs who want to create positive change in their communities by building unique businesses and organizations. 

    Entrepreneurs who fit best and get the most out of the program demonstrate: 

    • Willingness to Learn: This program includes weekly 1-on-1 coaching and workshops where you’ll be introduced to new ideas and other perspectives. Entrepreneurs who benefit the most from this program have a willingness to have their ideas and processes challenged and refined.

    • Commitment and Availability: This program is intensive. Participating in the Collab Accelerator will ask for your time, attention, and focus. In order to get the most from the program, it is preferred that you are able to give your undivided attention and access shared documents during workshops and 1-on-1s. Workshops take place Wednesday evenings 6-8pm, and 1-on-1s occur weekdays 9am-5pm.  

    • Passion for Community Building: Collab is committed to creating an anti-racist, inclusive, and vibrant entrepreneurial community, and seeks to hold space for Black, Latinx, and women entrepreneurs. Our community of entrepreneurs come from all backgrounds but share this commitment to fostering a safe learning environment for their fellow cohort members. 


    • Workshops: Via Zoom, a spot in a workshop series on leadership and entrepreneurship, including customer discovery, value propositions, business planning, legal 101, accounting 101, marketing 101, and more.

    • Weekly 1-on-1s: Via Zoom, 1-on-1 coaching sessions for strategic goal setting and accountability

    • Mentor: A mentor from the Collab Mentor Network

    • Fundraising: Connections to potential funders post-program

    • Technical Assistance: Case-by-case pro bono services from our partners (legal, marketing, etc.)

    • Graduation Ceremony: Opportunity to celebrate completion of program with the Collab community.

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